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Current Project
Detailed information about the projects can be found in the "End of year report 2010".



First Aid Course

AUFAD e. V. Germany started her annual First Aid Seminal this year. The Seminal that lasted three days was directed at motor circle transport association (Okada riders) because of the high accident rate and death in that occupation.
During the three days, participants were shown what to do in an emergency event involving them, their members, family and members of the public.
Mr. Godwin Ogbebor, a member and volunteer by the Johanniters International, is a lecturer on First Aid, Primary and Preventative Health. He personally led the course assisted by two other members of FESH.
In these three days, food, water and writing materials were provided to the 105 participants. They came from all the 18 local Government areas of Edo state. The seminal was held at their state headquarters in number….. Ekewan road Benin City. On completion of the three day seminal, participants were given their certificates
We will be going back next year for a month’s course during which we will pick the best 36 people from all the 18 local government areas representing Edo State, they will be trained as trainers in First Aid. These people shall form the arrow head of the interior areas of Edo State. They will all be tested and given certificates at the end of the course.





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