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Detailed information about the projects can be found in the "End of year report 2010".




2006/2007. We discovered, that part of the problems they have, is lack of basic information on hygiene. Most of the people we met can't understand why a common mosquito can be regarded as a dangerous insect with the kiss of death. Neither do they know that most of the plastic bags, that litter the whole street in the capital Njamena, are a habitat and incubator for malaria. We shall try to build four wells in Njamena within the next two years. We shall then use this wells to encourage people to start digging their own wells.This positive actions and the resulting effects will put us in direct contact with the community leaders,whom we feel will be tickled morally to start thinking of how to work together in creating community schools,hospitals,public water pumps cooperative farms and community banks. These objectives will lead to self empowerment , that will make education, health, and food affordable.

2010,  it is very unfortunate that the international donor community is not supporting our project intentions in Chad.
We urge you to see our download section and be the judge. What you will see is three years of research, hard work and money.
Do you want to help this people? Come on board with us. We will be happy to support you if you decide to work alone.
The people of Chad and the internally displaced persons (IDPs) are suffering, please help us or help them help themselves.

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